Sound Systems

We provide bespoke sound, lighting and projector systems, specifically designed to best suit your individual requirements.  Give us a call to review your specific needs.

Induction loop systems

Audio frequency induction loop systems A.F.I.L.S

An induction loop system, more formally known as an Audio Frequency Induction Loop System (A.F.I.L.S) is an assistive listening system to aid communication with hearing-impaired people. Most hearing aids have a 'T' switch which allows them to pick up the electromagnetic field generated by an induction loop system. The hearing aid converts the signal into audio to allow the hearing aid wearer to hear the source of the sound more clearly.



Sound systems for places of worship

We have installed sound systems in many of places of worship of various denominations throughout South Wales. From speech reinforcement sound systems in small chapels, to full range music sound systems in large churches. With over 15 years experience we can design, supply and install a sound system to suit each client's style of worship.



 Portable public address sound systems

 Portable public address sound systemsPortable PA sound systems are ideal for addressing large groups of people both indoors and outdoors. Portable PA systems can include wired and wireless radio microphones, CD/mp3 players and range from a simple megaphone to a system to cover 2000+ people!

Day/weekly hire available on request.